Thursday, May 25, 2006

Photos by Renato Redentor Constantino, unless otherwise specified.
Read Constantino's India essay here.

Golconda kids: Indian siblings take a walk through Hyderabad's history and make it to the top of the Golconda fort.

Shadow as shelter: Two women take refuge from the sun in a section of the Golconda citadel that what likely once a temple.

Smiling Hyderabadi boy: A family strolls down one of the stone steps of the ancient fortress complex.

Athena and the boys: The author's good friend Athena smiling at a group of Indian boys most of whom seemed to freeze when the camera was taken out. They had a good laugh afterwards. The writer was with Athena and other Greenpeace colleagues in India to campaign against the Asian Development Bank's hypocritical energy policy.

Soda mom with empty soda bottle: The saris worn by most Indian women sometimes appeared more radiant than the sun. The Indian woman in the picture is having a good laugh at the author's attempt to take her photo even as sweat was streaming down his face.



jona. said...

love the family walking down the steps photo! inggit ako! wanna go to india!!!

maiab said...

Mabuhay ang Sai Prakash!

The Kamuning Republic said...

hey Jona!! Ilabas mo time machine -- palit tayo, El nido for Hyderabad!

Yes Maia... Mabuhay ang Sai Prakash!