Thursday, May 25, 2006

Photos by Renato Redentor Constantino, unless otherwise stated.
Read Constantino's travel essay on Hyderabad here

Not so rich and famous Rich N' Famous gang: The Superb Srini with hello, hello on his mind, and the photo beside his (Samir, Dencio, Ateng, Jasper) showing how serious we were in responding to the constant police minders we had (the popular Samir at one point had seven minders following him...). Find out more about what the gang was up to by clicking on this.

Hyderabad lull: Agnes and Laetitia, two members of the (in)famous Rich N' Famous gang, so named due to their patronage of a thoroughly superb Hyderabadi chow and rum establishment. Agnes is based in Amsterdam and works with the Solar Generation youth group allied with Greenpeace. Laetitia, or Ms France as she was dubbed by a Negrosanon mayor in 2002, is based in Paris.

Tara at the Bogus Inn: Thai gentleman Tara at the Ideal ADB Cafe. Besides serving only tea, the cafe was bogus for other hilarious reasons. Read more about it in the next batch of pics.

Monument for time: A resplendent mosque inside the Qutb Shahi Tombs complex of Golconda.

Interior design: The interior of the white mosque, with familiar soothing patterns that make the eye look up to the heavens (or, for some, just the ceiling...)

Mabuhay ang India: The writer with two ushers helping the ADB at the main conference place. Ha. Photo by Maia Baconguis.


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