Thursday, May 25, 2006

Read the Hyderabad travel essay by Renato Redentor Constantino
All photos by the writer unless otherwise specified.
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Sharing a sliver of shadow: Maia Baconguis sharing the fabulous comfort that even a sliver of shadow can provide against the harsh sun of Hyderabad.

Naks picture: The writer with friends Maia, Dencio and Soumo in meeting attire. Ridiculous is the word for coats and ties in Hyderabadi weather. Photo by Chen.

Dazzling sari: An Indian woman in Golconda taking a rest after climbing the steps of the ancient citadel. Even locals can wilt from the sweltering sun of Hyderabad. The radiant effect of the blue sari she is wearing is a normal site in Hyderabad. Beautiful.

Tea at the Bogus ADB Cafe: The jeep-installed cafe was set-up to intercept Bank delegates at the airport and provide them not just with free tea but also with reading materials that demonstrated the ADB's complicity in worsening climate change.

Red's turn with the sliver: Red taking advantage of the sliver of shadow with two Indian youth. Photo by Maia Baconguis.


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